Once again – Ten Thought Tuesday

PicMonkey Collage

  1. The last half of October was awesome!! My parents were here for a week. We didn’t do a lot…but managed to do a lot all at the same time. It was a wonderful week to just catch up and visit. Then up to Reno to celebrate Isaiah’s 4th birthday early. I ended up staying for the week. 🙂 Extra time with my parents, lots of play time with Isaiah, and time to just hang out and connect with the girls. I am one happy mama!!
  2. While I was in Reno, we celebrated Amber’s 24th birthday (belatedly) by doing a paint night at Picasso and Wine. If you have never heard of it…check it out!! We had so much fun!! The art instructor was great…and very helpful and supportive…AND we all ended up with paintings that actually looked like the original!!  A great place to connect with friends. Definitely something I want to do again soon.
  3. Now I am counting down the days until Kyla arrives again!! 11 more days until she will be here. How happy am I to get to see my girl again so soon???
  4. November is my month to get serious about my health and weight again. Maybe it is that the weather is finally turning into Fall…but it feels like a good time to get back on track. I am tracking meals and exercise. It is holding me accountable for sure!! I have a goal for the New Year..and am determined to reach that goal 🙂
  5. One of the benefits of learning to eat healthy is finding new recipes. My new favorite? Carrot Ginger Soup. Oh my goodness…so simple and so tasty. Definitely a do again. Do you have a soup recipe that just makes you happy thinking about making and eating it???
  6. This month my plan is to catch up on my Project Life album. I am a few weeks behind and it is driving me crazy!! I like taking time each week to document events and moments in our every day lives. The only drawback to having such a busy October? I didn’t take enough pictures 😦 I wish I was better at documenting the moments in my life. Oh well, having fewer pictures might mean the process goes by quickly. I will get caught up and make more of an effort to take photos.
  7. I have gotten a good chunk of my Christmas shopping done. This makes me happy!! I have 50 stocking stuffer gifts to buy…getting that list knocked down means less stress come December. The only stress I should have in December is the weather :/  The thought of a repeat of last year’s Christmas Eve trip to Reno is more than enough stress!
  8. Now that Fall seems to be here permanently (I hope)…it is time to bring out my warm weather clothes and pack my summer ones away. I love this time of the year. Bringing out my Fall clothes feels like getting a whole new wardrobe (although I am sure I do not have nearly enough cute sweaters so perhaps a shopping trip is in order.)
  9. It is hard to believe that this year is almost over. It has gone by so fast!! Timothy and I have packed a lot of new and fun things into this year. There are some things we didn’t manage to accomplish…but overall, it was a great year!
  10. There are so many friends in Reno that I miss. Even though I do manage to get up there…there is just never enough time to connect with anyone. To those friends who I do not get a chance to see often…know that I do think of you…and do try to find ways to make some time…

At This Moment


Time – 8:22am

Feeling –  Revitalized and optimistic

Reading – No books to read 😦 But…am doing a library run today

Watching – The Voice (love this show)

Listening to – Pandora Radio – “The Work Song” by Hozier

Planning – my exercise/healthy eating plan as well as my parents’ visit

Looking forward to – going to Reno to spend time with the girls

Creating – Planner stickers for Christmas presents 🙂

Wishing – my sticker paper and ink cartridge were here now!!

Need to finish – Week #17 in my PL album. I am getting so far behind 😦

10 Thought Tuesday


  1. Autumn? Why have you forsaken me??? 90 degrees in October!! ~sighs~ Please? just one day of cool, crisp fall weather?? Please?
  2. I need a library run. I have gotten over my aversion to the library and like having access to books all the time. While I have books on loan, I am putting other books on hold for the next round. Sounds like a perfect system. And it is mostly. I check out 6 books at a time and have 3 weeks to read them. Sounds doable – unless you finish them all in the first 4 days ~sigh~ Maybe I need to take out more books?
  3. I like many different genres of writing. My taste is quite eclectic, but regardless of genre, I enjoy books that require me to question thoughts or ideas. Books that make me question who I am and what I believe. One such book is “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes. It raises a question of right or wrong. This book didn’t help me know for certain what I would do in this situation, but it did give me something to think about. A good book for sure.
  4. However, carrying on from my thought of #2 – I have noticed there is a direct correlation between my picking up a book and me getting nothing done for an entire day. How does that happen? Maybe it is a good thing that I don’t always have a book in my hand.
  5. Less than a week until my parents are here!! All I need to say is – yay!
  6.  I have forgotten how good practicing yoga is for my body, as well as my mind. Definitely time to start scheduling that into my life again!! Namaste
  7. How did I ever manage to get this far in my life without Google?? I am not sure about everyone else…but my life is instructed by Google. I have a question…I google it. I want to learn something…I google it. Heck, if one of the girls has a question…I usually google that too!
  8. In two weeks, we are heading to Reno to celebrate Isaiah’s 4th birthday. Even though his birthday is still a month away, we are celebrating it early so my parents can be a part of it. Where have the past 4 years gone? How did the sweet baby boy who stole my heart from the moment he was born suddenly become 4???
  9. I am a planner addict!! While I like using my planner to “plan” I actually am addicted to decorating it.
  10. What do I want to be when I grow up??? I feel like I need to find something to do. Any ideas??

At This Moment…


Time: 2:09pm

Feeling: Incredibly sleepy. I wish I could cat-nap!

Reading: Just finished “Me before You” by JoJo Moyes.

Watching: nothing during the day.

Listening to: silence

Planning: Dinner and Christmas presents

Looking forward to: my parents arriving, Isaiah’s early birthday party, Amber’s late birthday party, and Kyla’s trip in November! It is going to be a busy month coming up.

Creating: nothing at the moment. I am in a bit of a slump but have photos ready to catch up on my pages.

Wishing: We could be in Reno…right now!

Need to finish: my project life pages…I am falling behind 😦

10 Thought Tuesday

It is the first Tuesday of October. It is hard to believe the year is almost over…


Here are my thoughts for today…

  1. On this date, 24 years ago…I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. (Her birthday should have been the 5th..but even then, she was a stubborn little thing!!) She changed my world in so many incredibly wonderful ways. Every thing I had thought I had learned as a mom…went out the window. Amber was her own unique, beautiful, independent self, which meant learning who she was and what she needed. She was nothing like her older sister!! It is hard to believe that my independent, strong, beautiful middle daughter is 24 today…and a mother herself. I am so proud of who she has become. Her strength and generosity inspire me every single day, and her smile lights up my life. Happy birthday, Amber …I love you more than words can say.
  2. On Saturday, Timothy and I took part in a Worldwide Photo Walk. We went to Sacramento and met up with 50 other photographers and just walked the streets taking photos. It was fun to share my love of photography with others who have the same interest. It was also fun how many people stopped us to ask what we were doing! I will definitely sign up again next year.
  3. I am counting down the days….my parents will be here on the 19th, we are going to Reno to celebrate Isaiah’s birthday (early) on the 25th…and then Amber’s birthday on the 29th. I am so ready for family moments!
  4. Some days it is so difficult not being near my girls…and Isaiah. There is nothing more heart wrenching than answering the phone to hear a little voice on the other end saying…”Hi grandma…can you come pick me up so I can come stay at your house?” I wish I could baby boy!!
  5. Has anyone come across anywhere that is selling Christmas wrapping paper yet?? If so, please let me know!! I may have to get creative this year so I can wrap Kyla’s presents before Halloween!
  6. I miss being connected to a “community”. I miss having a group of friends to hang out with. I am not really a social person…but suddenly I feel like I need, and want, to be social. I have no idea how one even goes about finding “community”. Any ideas?
  7. I have never been much of a goal setter. I think it has to do with a fear of failure. Setting a goal..and then not accomplishing it always seemed horrific to me. But, I am learning that goals are important. They give one a purpose…something to strive for…a task to focus on. So, in September I created a list of a few goals that I wanted to achieve. Did I achieve them all? No. Did the world end? No. Am I a failure? No. Did I manage to check some of my goals off my list? Yes. And it felt good!
  8. Happiness is finding out that Kyla will be here in November!!! I cannot wait to see her again!! (See #4 in regards to not being near my daughters) We are working on getting her down here permanently!! It is a process…but hopefully within 2 years…I will have all my daughters state-side!
  9. I want to find a big pile of leaves…and just kick my way through it!! Wearing a cozy sweater and a cute pair of boots!! Too bad Fall is slow to arrive here in California where the weather is forecasted to be in the 90s this weekend ~sighs~
  10. I am becoming quite the chef!! Nothing elaborate or fancy, but for someone who has despised cooking all her life, I am actually enjoying cooking (and baking). I am having fun finding new recipes and planning them into our dinner rotation 🙂 What do you love to cook? Do you have a favorite recipe that you love to make?? If so, please share them with me!!

At This Moment…


Time: 6:57am

Feeling: sleepy and frustrated

Reading: emails and checking Facebook

Watching: my computer screen

Listening to: silence at the moment

Planning: what things I need to get done today. I had hoped to be able to go to the Post Office but will have to do that tomorrow.

Looking forward to: Saturday’s WorldWide Photo Walk in Sacramento. I am nervous..but it should be fun.

Creating: at a bit of a standstill right now

Wishing: for a cigarette. It has been almost 2 weeks…but I still really want one.

Need to Finish: Getting Kyla’s Christmas presents bought and wrapped to be able to send them home with my mom and dad.

10 Thought Tuesday


  1. Being a mother is definitely heart-wrenching at times. Hearing your child cry…no matter their age…is horrible. My daughters are all strong, independent women and yet, when they are crying they revert to my little girls. There is nothing worse than not being able to be there to give a hug, reassure, or help them in a time of need. Thankfully, Timothy was able to take Friday off so we could drive up to Reno. Sometimes mommies just need to pat their babies to reassure themselves all is well.
  2. When we go to Reno for a weekend, we usually stay at our friends’ home. This time, we decided to stay a couple of nights at Amber’s house. Some days it is hard to believe that I have children old enough to visit!! It was fun to be a guest in Amber’s home, and have a certain little boy want to sleep with Grandma.
  3. It is finally beginning to feel like Autumn!! The weather is cooling down and there is that amazing crisp Fall feel in the air. Yay!!
  4. October 3rd is WorldWide Photo Walk day. All over the world, photographers have signed up in different cities to go on a photo walk. Timothy and I found one in Sacramento and have signed up. I am excited to be a part of a worldwide event, but a little bit intimidated too. There will be some amazing photographers participating, and I am sure I will have lens envy!! I will post some pictures next week 🙂
  5. It has been over a week since I quit smoking. For the most part, it has been quite easy…although, there have been a couple of “cheats.” I am proud of Timothy and I for making this commitment…and know we will feel better that we have made such a change in our lives.
  6. Library run!! On Sunday, I went and got the stack of books that were on hold (6 to be exact, with 2 more on the way). Now that the weather feels like it is finally cooling down, it is a perfect time to get some reading done. As I get finished with this stack of books, I will post a note about them, along with a quick review, just in case anyone is interested in good books to read.
  7. I love “The Voice”. If I could only pick one show to watch on TV this show would be it. I think i am fascinated by the people who have the courage to just take a chance. Some of the stories are sad, and yet, these artists put themselves out there, hoping to make their dreams come true. (I also think Adam Levine and Blake Sheldon make the show with their comedic exchanges.)
  8. While we were in Reno this past weekend, Timothy had a couple of job interviews. We were hoping that he would have heard back by now, but unfortunately he hasn’t heard anything. We know we WILL be moving to Reno one day, it is just a matter of when. Everything happens when it is meant to happen.
  9. ‘Tis pumpkin season!! I have found some great new recipes for this versatile fruit (I had to google that, I thought it was a veggie!). I have made lots of muffins and cookies with pumpkin, but have never tried a savory pumpkin dish…until last week. I found a super easy recipe for Pumpkin Ravioli that used won ton wrappers. It was delicious!! It will definitely be added to my recipe collection as a must!
  10. Do you have people in your lives that are simply wonderful people? Who you laugh with and always have an amazing time when you get together??  We do!! I just want to finish my thoughts this week with a huge thank you to our friends Gary and Kelly. They always open their home for us when we are in Reno and make us feel so welcomed. They are truly special and we are grateful to call them friends.